Little Pianist Toy Piano With Light and Sound / Musical Instrument Toy / Children Keyboard ( 8"X19" )

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eat the drum to produce tum with LED light.

Extra sound effects when beating the drum in MIDI mode

1. Switch Description

1 .Install the battery, turn on / off the switch.

2.Standby 5 min auto-closing.Touch and key to start it.

2. Music / Play Key

Play : Piano Music : 22 Midi

3. Volume Cpntrol Key

First gear : Loud Second gear : Medium Third gear : Quiet

4. Keyboard Tone Conversion

4type of sound effects:

1. Piano sound 2.Guitar Sound 3. Violin Sound 4. Saxophone Sound

it will Produce 4 Corresponding tones in piano mode and MIDI mode.

5. Melody Auto-Playing

Piano key loked. Auto-playing abeautiful melody.

6. Drum & DJ Player Tone Conversion

Switch the different tone for drum & dj player

7. Drum

Include 6 set of sound effect. convert with sound drum & dj player tone conversion key.

8. DJ Player

1. Two set music and tone effect . convert with drum & dj player tone conversion key.

2. Scratching for play melody and tone effect.

3. Corresponding sound effect in MIDI mode.

Age Category :
  • 3+ Years
  • Unisex
Made In:
  • Plastic
Operating Type:
  • AA1.5V Battery Operated
Packing Type:
  • Box